Council 2 Training


Council 2 Training

Saturday, April 23 & Sunday, April 24, 9:15 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.

Led by Jared Oshin Seide

This training is being offered to Sangha Members who have taken Council 1 Training.  Participation on both days is required.

The fee is $250 for both days and includes lunch.  The workshop is limited to 20 participants so please don’t delay in registering if interested.

Council is a core practice here at ZCLA.  Residents, Circle Stewards and senior practitioners who have taken Council 1, are highly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Jared Oshin Seide will be leading the workshop along with a colleague.  He highly recommends reading (or re-reading) the book “The Way of Council” before the workshop.  We are working with Burt to see if we can get some copies in the bookstore.


“Council 2: Deepening the Practice” is a powerful opportunity to deepen one’s practice and explore the more complex contours of the work.  This training is geared toward folks who have been facilitating Council for some time and have had direct experience with challenging situations, conflict and "The Shadow."  Facilitators may also be starting to look at some personal obstacles that have shown up in their development as a practitioner. This workshop delves into the specific forms of Council suited for a variety of situations and explores the joys and challenges of bringing Council into different parts of our lives.  It offers a chance to develop more facility with "Reading the Interactive Field" and learning to invite "The Witness" perspective.  One of the primary intentions of Council 2 is to support facilitators who are starting to encounter the sometimes powerful energies released in Council and to encourage them to move out of their comfort zones and “Turn Into The Skid,” learning how to navigate and best serve the circle, while maintaining safety and containment. 

We are looking for someone to prepare lunch for both days.  Email if interested.  Dharma Training Funds are available upon application.




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