Introduction to Sacred Circle Dance Workshop

Introduction to Sacred Circle Dance Workshop

Saturday, May 30, 1:00-2:45 p.m.

Led by Joan Rawles-Davis

Sacred Circle Dance is a way of celebrating our connection to the rhythms of the earth, to each other, and our spiritual selves; people have been doing these dances for centuries. It is the expression of prayer through the language of the body. By experiencing the inner dimension of movement, isolation is overcome and body, mind and soul are reconnected.

All are welcome. No prior experience necessary.
Suggested $20 donation. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

RSVP a must.  Please rsvp to

Your body and heart will delight in a growing feeling of connection and oneness with yourself, with others, with the earth, perhaps with something greater.

The steps are simple, repetitive and easy to learn, and many will be familiar to those who have done international folk dancing. What is different is the intention with which the dances are done, and the spirit that comes to pervade the circle. There’s an energetic cooperative effort, whether dancing effortlessly or struggling to learn. An axiom of Sacred Dance is that there are no mistakes, only variations.

This is the exploration of the dance as a spiritual practice, as a form of meditation and source of healing and wholeness. The dances are drawn from many cultures. A program might include ancient music and dances from Balkan, Greek or Celtic traditions, or more recently choreographed dances from many countries.

About Joan Rawles-Davis:
Joan is a long time Sacred Circle Dance teacher from Davis, CA. She has led such dances at weddings, women’s retreats, church and educational gatherings. She is a Quaker and has taught widely in Quaker settings. She says, “Dance is now for me a form of worship, a meditation when I need grounding, healing when I am in pain, celebration when I want to express joy.”






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