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  June 2017
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F2F: Sensei Ryodo
F2F: Dharma-Holder Faith-Mind
3:30pm 50th Planning Meeting
7:15pm Service
7:30pm-9:00pm Zazen/Dharma Talk: Rev. Issho Fujita
From Soto Zen Buddhism International Center
7:00pm-9:00pm Residents Circle
F2F: Roshi, Dharma-Holder Faith-Mind
11:00am Public Face-to-Face with: Roshi Egyoku
5 6 7
F2F: Dharma-Holder Faith-Mind
8 9
F2F: Roshi
F2F: Dharma-Holder Dokai
11:30am 50th Planning Meeting
7:15pm Service
7:30pm-8:50pm Zazen
F2F: Roshi, Dharma-Holder Dokai
Core Practices 2:
Service, Liturgy & Lineage
12 13 14 15 16 17
8:30am Maezumi Roshi Memorial Founder Service
White Plum Meeting arrivals
White Plum Meeting at ZCLA for 50th Anniversary
From June 15-17, ZCLA is closed to all but registered participants.
White Plum Meeting ends in am
8:30am-9:00pm Gate of Sweet Nectar Service
followed by Open Zazen and/or Clean-up -- helpers welcome.
No lunch or classes or parking
Father's Day
19 20 21
F2F: Dharma-Holder Dokai
22 23
F2F: Roshi
F2F: Dharma-Holder Faith-Mind
A Practice Day at ZCLA
Day of Reflection led by Joel Mitsujo Latimer
Precept #5: Do Not Be Ignorant
8:30am Service
9:00-10:45 Zazen
10:45 Precept Talk
11:05 Tea-snack
11:30-1:00 Precept Council
7:15pm Service
7:30pm-8:50pm Zazen
F2F: Roshi Egyoku, Sensei Ryodo
10:45am-12:15pm Vocal training led by: Maija Ijas
No Sangha lunch
12:30pm 50th Debriefing
special lunch for 50th organizers only
26 27 28
F2F: Dharma-Holder Faith-Mind
29 30
Zen Center Closed
6:00pm-8:00pm Brown Green Circle
7:15pm Service
7:30pm-8:50pm Zazen
Saturday Schedule
8:30am Service
9-11:00 Zazen/Face-to-face Meeting
Sunday Schedule
8:30am Gate of Sweet Nectar Service
9-10:20 Zazen/Face-to-face Meeting
11:00 Talk
12:15 Lunch
Weekday Schedule
W-F mornings

5:55am Zazen
7:00am Service

W-Th evenings
7:15pm Service
7:30pm Zazen

Printed on 6/23/17