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Day Group

DayGroup Mission Statement

In the Ratna Sphere of all enriching wisdom, the Day Group supports

the everyday activities of the Zen Center. We do this

compassionately, effectively, and professionally.

Office hours of the ZCLA staff are Wednesday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

General phone line: (213) 387-2351

General email: info@zcla.org

For Hours of Operation and Security Policy for the Zen Center of Los Angeles click here

The Day Group Members are:


Mary Rios, Business Manager

Mary is responsible for all business transactions at the Zen Center and is a steady guiding hand in our day-to-day operations. Her kind and no-nonsense approach to management keeps the daily business operations running smoothly.

Contact info:

Email: business@zcla.org

Phone: (213) 387-3540



Katherine Senshin Griffith, Program Steward

is responsible for the operations support of the many Zen Center programs, including announcments, registration, organization and logistical arrangements. She is the Steward of the Day Group and also lends support to members and newcomers. She updates and stewards the Zen Center's web site and calendar and is the main contact in the office.

Contact info:

Email: programsteward@zcla.org

Phone: (213) 387-2351


Deb Faith-Mind Thoresen, Co-Temple Director, Grounds, Membership and Facilities Steward

Faith-Mind cares for the overall visioning and maintainenance of the Zen Center's grounds and is often found happily deep in soil. She is also our Membership Steward and oversees the outreach to members and newcomers and as Facilites Steward, she oversees the maintenance of our buildings.  As Co-Temple Director with Myoho Fjeld, she oversees operation and administrative duties for ZCLA.

Contact info:

Email: dthores@aol.com

Phone: (213) 387-3540


Darla Myoho Fjeld, Co-Temple Director

Myoho serves as the Zen Center’s Co-Temple Director, sharing with Faith-Mind in the overall visioning and care of the Zen Center in addition to sharing the Stewarding of Shared Stewardship. Myoho especially focuses on curriculum and development, including outreach, fundraising, donor funds, and the legacy circle. Myoho served on the Executive Circle for 13 years, on the Board for 8 years and is a Zen Bodhisattva Priest. She also teaches philosophy at El Camino College in Torrance.

Contact info:

Email: dr.fjeld@gmail.com

Phone: (310) 486-7752


Tom Yudo Burger, Guest Steward

Yudo is an expert at taking care of our overnight guests, our guests in the Guest Program, and all of the guest quarters, which are sparkling clean. He is the person to contact if you would like to stay at the Zen Center. He is also our Production Artist for the Water Wheel.

Contact info:

Email: gueststeward@zcla.org

Phone: (213) 387-2351

Ty Jotai Webb, IT and Membership Support

Jotai offers technical support for the staff and looks out for all our IT needs.  He also offers support to the Membership Steward and Circle, as well as being extremely helpful in numerous capacities.  He has previously served on the Executive Circle, ZCLA Board, the Buddha Hand Circle and as Program Steward.

Contact info: jotia@zcla.org

Phone: (213) 387-2351



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